Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Roo!

First Birthdays are always SO exciting. Roo is one of our friends and it is hard to believe he is already 1, it seems like just yesterday that I was visiting at the hospital. Here is a sneak peak of one especially excited little boy.
What a cutie!

He only has eyes for one lady, his Momma!

 Momma was almost as excited as Roo, but he was getting impatient. He SO wanted to touch that pretty cake (and you can't blame him). 

After he finally got to touch the cake, he paused for a moment to check me out and look just like his big brother. 

The aftermath!

Even Momma got in on the fun! 

Hope you love them! 
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  1. They are amazing Leesa. Thank you so much!!!!